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Christine Bijl-van der Made

      Christine Bijl, Secretary of ELA died tragically in a traffic accident on Sat October 9. Christine did far more for ELA than her job description can convey. The work of more than one person. Her commitment to animal welfare including meat production, despite being vegetarian, says a great deal about her liberal outlook and clear thinking.
      Her tireless efforts to network for ELA both at home in Holland and abroad were extremely effective. She played a pivotal role in arranging the finance and logistics for ELA\'s first conference in Brussels that helped to give the fledgling organisation traction and impetus, which has stood us in good stead right up to today.Chris was very highly respected in the corridors of the EU, where so much goes on that affects livestock production. Her most recent work included African Horse Sickness, and working closely with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the UK.
      ELA was only one of her commitments, she was also secretary of the NBvH (Dutch organisation of hobby breeders) and as well as her voluntary work she was personally committed to training her own and her daughters horses on a daily basis. She was a respected published author on Equestrian Dressage too.

      It is often said glibly within organisations and companies that \'nobody is irreplaceable\'. Christine is the exception that proves the rule. She is irreplaceable. It will take the efforts of at least two people to make an attempt to fill the place she has left.

      Last but not least Christine has been a true and wonderful friend to all of us on ELA council. We are devastated by what has happened, but we know that she would wish us to try even harder to carry on with our important work in her absence. She will be part of our conscience forever and will always be honoured by ELA.

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