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Ferenc Bela de Tyssonsk

      He was cheerful, smart, talkative, humorous and eager to learn. His perseverance set an example for us.

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      • Bedankt
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        Ferrence, het is al weer even geleden maar toch ben jij de gene die me bij uitstek het meeste bij blijft van tijdens die opleiding, toevallig werk ik ook op het bio-science park en zag ik je nog een keer zitten in je kantoortje, wie had gedacht dat dat het laatste zou zijn wat ik van je zou zien. Je was altijd zo bruisend van energie, ik kon het ook niet geloven toen ik het via via hoorde, het voelt nog steeds als heel onwerkelijk dat jij er niet meer bent.
        Bedankt voor je inspiratie, humnor, enthousiasme en goede adviezen.

        Hans - Rotterdam
        14 June 2020

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      • Until we meet again...
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        Dearest brother,

        Good to see that you're also loved @ work.
        Colleagues of Fer: thank you for taking care of him and making him feel appreciated !

        I will miss you and remember you as:
        - the pain in the … when we were growing up :)
        - my fishing mate
        - the best brother I ever had (oops I only had 1...)
        - the slightly better sportsman than me
        - the ultimate speaker in our (often) one way conversations
        - being so proud after getting your bachelor degree
        - the Joker lately with your Corona jokes …. though the last one I still don't understand (:-…
        - happy and alive on our Italy holiday a few years ago

        Till we meet again...and say hello to everyone up there

        Imre - Zoetermeer
        11 June 2020

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      • Farewell dad
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        Thank you everyone for placing such thoughtful messages about my and Kimberley's father.
        He was a kind, jolly, but also serious man who enjoyed the things he loved.
        A man of many words which never seemed to end, who despite this, would always rather take action than stay passive.
        Something which i always admired him for.
        If not for him, i would never have gotten to where i am now, following him ever so slightly in his footsteps as a developer.
        We loved him dearly and will miss him with all our hearts and will treasure our time spent with him throughout our lives.
        May he rest in peace.

        Steef (jouw noobje)

        Stephan - Zoetermeer
        9 June 2020

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      • Ferenc Easter Bunnies
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        On April 9th Ferenc posted this video he made to the LexisNexis IP random slack channel. He said

        "Home-brewed... oh no, sorry, Office-brewed CoreDev Easter-Egg"

        True Regards and fond memories,
        Ray Daley

        Jody - Voorburg
        25 May 2020

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      • Remembering Ferenc !
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        I met Ferenc for the first time in 2019 when I traveled to Leiden for a short duration and we connected instantly. After returning to my home country India I continued interacting with him as we both were working together on few areas in TPO.

        He was always supportive and helping. If busy he would let me know but would always ensure he provides me all needed information before his day ends or work over weekend to get things done. such was his professionalism and I don't remember a single instance when my query got unanswered by him.
        He would sometimes address me as a "friend" in mails and that I think was his way to show personal touch in this professional relationship.

        It was great working with you Ferenc and you will dearly missed my friend.

        Bipin - India
        22 May 2020

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      • Farewell dear friend
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        Dear Fer,
        I will miss your joyful attitude towards work and life. The office will not be the same anymore without your cheerful presence...
        Fortunately I had the pleasure to work with you so many times and you were always willing to help! Even when I would run in breaking your concentration, you would always greet me with a smile before you would complain about it :-)
        I will always treasure the nice moments and talks we had, either during lunch or after discussing work stuff, you had great humor which I shared!
        I will miss you dear Fer.

        Helena - Heerhugowaard
        22 May 2020

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      • Forever in our hearts
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        Ferenc was the kind of guy that could make everyone feel good. I will always remember his enthousiastic voice shouting: 'Hansie!' when we crossed paths in the corridor, making me feel better already just by hearing his voice. We shared an unexpected love for designer-clothing, anything sc-fi and discussing whatever came up during our lunch breaks.

        Dear Ferenc, we will miss you dearly, and keep you forever in our hearts...

        Hans - Wassenaar
        22 May 2020

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      • Ray Daley
        Er is een reactie aan de nabestaanden achtergelaten door:
        Ray - 165 Sycamore Creek Dr Springboro, Ohio, USA
        22 May 2020
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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        Ferenc heeft met glans z'n sollicitatie gesprek met mij overleefd. Sterker nog ik denk dat Ferenc de overtreffende trap was wat betreft lange gesprekken en van links naar rechts te laveren door diverse gespreksonderwerpen. En de sollicitatie was slechts het eerste lange gesprek. Er zijn zelfs best momenten geweest dat ik hoopte op een kort antwoord, maar dat was niet Ferenc.

        Wat een gemis (in alle mogelijke opzichten) dat jij er niet meer bent Fer!

        Daniel - Den Haag
        22 May 2020

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      • Adios Amigo
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        Querido Amigo Ferenc,'
        Jamas te olvidere'. Tu es todavia una persona muy especial para mi.
        Descanse en pas.

        Paulo - Almere
        22 May 2020

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