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Guiomar Smeets

      An interview with current Business and Trade Law student Guiomar Smeets

      "What I like most about the Erasmus LL.M. programme is that it gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, gain powerful insights, and add new dimensions to my education as well as my personal life"

      -Why did you choose Erasmus University Rotterdam to continue your
      I was in the process of obtaining an MBA, and I decided to apply for an LL.M. programme. At the same time, I realised that every career is affected by both Business and Law. As a
      consequence, I sought to develop my legal knowledge. The Erasmus Business and Trade LL.M. programme offered what I was specifically looking for. It incorporates all the aspects of a great LL.M., since it is both international in its outlook and practical in its orientation. In addition, Erasmus is an esteemed, high-ranking European university that also has a superior reputation worldwide. Having obtained two North American degrees (one Canadian, one American) and being Dutch, I wanted to go back to my roots, obtain a European degree and gain a European perspective to complement my North American education.

      -What do you like most about this university and your LL.M.?
      What I like most about the Erasmus LL.M. programme is that it gave me the opportunity to
      broaden my horizons, gain powerful insights and add new dimensions to my education as well as my personal life. As a result, my mission to enhance my legal education has been successful. I truly enjoyed learning so much in such a relatively short period of time. My programme, Business and Trade Law, was very straightforward and well-structured, so that even students without a legal background. such as myself, have no problems following it or trouble keeping up. The Business and Trade Law programme is an excellent programme for any student with (or without) a law degree who would like to gain a proper business law perspective from a European and international angle.

      Overige informatie
      -What do you think of Rotterdam?
      I’m not in a position to answer this question properly, because I did not live in Rotterdam while attending Erasmus. However, I did hear positive comments from my fellow students. They say Rotterdam is a very international city and that it is an enjoyable place to live and study. One of the main reasons is because it is a ‘student’ city and almost everyone speaks English. Either way, living in the Netherlands is fantastic, especially if you like to travel. Once in the Netherlands, it is easy to go to other European countries. Everything is nearby and there are many ways of moving about.

      -What did you think of the students in your class, the professors and other staff of Erasmus University Rotterdam?
      I truly enjoyed studying with such diverse individuals. Practically every continent was
      represented in the classroom. More amazingly, we all got along very well with one another. It was interesting how people reacted to certain issues and how this really contributed to our learning experience. Being in such surroundings gave me the opportunity not only to observe, but also to interact and coexist in a culturally mixed and multilingual environment. In terms of the method of teaching, the educational approach was both theoretical and practical. Professors were very well-prepared and had great knowledge of an array of subjects. In addition, they were always prepared to help students, both professionally and personally, in order to make the LLM programme a good and worthwhile experience. The staff of the university was also very supportive and helpful. They know all the students personally and make a sincere effort to cater to everyone’s individual needs. In the end, you really feel that you belong to the Erasmus LL.M. family.

      -Do you have any other comments?
      Having been a student at Erasmus has been a worthwhile and unforgettable experience that I will always look back on with fond memories. I am proud of my Business and Trade Law LL.M. diploma from Erasmus University; that’s for sure! For those considering attending one of these programmes, I recommend that you come visit, sit in on one of the classes here at Erasmus and see for yourself whether the programme suits your needs. If you do come, you will not be disappointed. At least - I wasn’t!

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        Millicent M

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        Millicent - Curacao

        7 maart 2022

      • In memoriam
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        In herinnering: een bijzonder begaafd mens ging heen. Helaas heb ik haar niet gekend, maar veel over gehoord. Via een advertentie in de krant werd de aandacht voor haar leven gevraagd, heel bijzonder! Sterkte voor de familie.

        Marius - Groningen
        13 maart 2021

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      • Mooie herinneringen
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        Lieve Guiomar.
        Fijne in memoriam je foto's. Je kan zo uit het plaatje naar ons toe lopen en zitten luisteren naar je "Pavane" van Livio die ons inmiddels ook heeft verlaten. 15 jaar nu en ook Positano mist jou......
        Liefs deanna

        Deanna - Jan Sofat
        13 maart 2021

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      • Pavane para Guiomar
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        Selwyn J - Curacao
        12 maart 2021

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      • Pavane para Guiomar
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        Selwyn J - Curacao
        12 maart 2021

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      • Uitgevoerd tijdens de muzikale afscheidsdienst voor Guiomar in de Fortkerk op Curacao in Maart 2006
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        millicent - CURACAO, DUTCH CARIBBEAN
        11 maart 2021

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        Andre - curacao
        11 maart 2021

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        Despedida "Afscheid" gecomponeerd door de Curacaose Chopin Wim Statius Muller

        millicent - CURACAO, DUTCH CARIBBEAN
        18 januari 2021

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      • waar blijft de tijd.....
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        Lieve Guiomar
        Het is niet te geloven dat het over een paar dagen inmiddels 13 jaar geleden is dat je wegging. Je moeder is nog steeds even verdrietig en ze mist je nog steeds vreselijk.
        Ook wij missen je. Het was altijd fijn om jou in de buurt te hebben, met je te kletsen en van gedachten te wisselen. Inspirerend.
        Ben je nu bij je oma? liefs deanna

        deanna - Curacao
        9 maart 2019

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      • mijn waardevolle foto's van mijn prachtig meisje
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        Millicent - CURACAO - DUTCH CARIBEAN
        23 december 2018

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