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James K. Jacob

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My condolences goes out to the family and friends of James. The world will miss your friendly, loving personality. And i won't forget your poetry. Rest in peace.
Evelien - Vianen
19 augustus 2013
condoleance 8  |  
Dear James,

There always was a smile on your face as we spoke. I only knew you for a couple of months, but you will be always on my mind.

Marga - Geldrop
7 augustus 2013
condoleance 7  |  
Pieter d
Dear James,

I only met you on a couple of occasions, but you left a very warm and lively impression. It is hard to believe that life can be over so quickly…

My condolence goes out to your family and friends.

Pieter - Antwerpen
11 juli 2013
condoleance 6  |  
Erik Roeloffzen
Dear James,

I only knew you shortly and briefly but stil you left a big impression on my heart and soul. You will be sorely missed but fondly remembered by all of us.

"Till we meet again"

Erik - Haelen, Nederland
11 juli 2013
condoleance 5  |  
So full of life, so full of plans... All ended simply by an accident. So unfair.

RIP James
Marcel - Tricht, NL
11 juli 2013
condoleance 4  |  
Hans Martens - director Brandfort
It’s very hard to accept…..still so young. Came with all its qualities and ambitions to Europe, with a lot of plans ahead and then this happened...! My condolences to his family and all his friends.
Hans - Eindhoven
10 juli 2013
condoleance 3  |  
It is easy to fight
when everything's right
and you are mad with thrill
of glory;

It's easy to cheer when victory
is near,

And wallow in fields that are gory.

It's a different song
when everything is wrong,
when you're feeling internally mortal;

when it's ten against one,
and hope their is

back up little soldier
and chortle:
Carry on !


A poem from autobiography Thomaz Humar (mountain climber) which his base camp received from their weather forcaster because they could not bear to send the true outlook on weather situation while Tomaz was already in big trouble while he was climbing the Rupall Wall on the Nanga Parbat. In the end he was saved by a thrilling but beyond human and beyond physical possible interaction between an helicopter and army pilot who went "all in" for success after failing his brothers life in an earlier part of his life.....
Bart - Eindhoven area
10 juli 2013
condoleance 2  |  
Johnny Brebels
To the family, friends and buddies of our colleague and friend James, I wish all the strenght to overcome this tragic event. Unfortunately we can not turn back the clock. I can only offer my deepest compassion with all people being in grief about the loss of James amid us. No words can express feelings and thoughts in an appropriate way. Therefore I remain silent with my feelings and thoughts, and hope they will arrive with the intented meaning, there where they need to go.

R.I.P. James

Johnny M. Brebels
Johnny - Biwer Luxembourg
9 juli 2013
condoleance 1  |  

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