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Matt 'Boomski Boom' Hilton


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        rust zacht lieve matt ,

        stefan en linda - zuidwolde
        20 september 2015

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        Lieve Matt,

        Naast jouw tomeloze energie en warme persoonlijkheid zal me ook jouw genadeloze Britse humor goed bijblijven. Je bent muzikaal een inspiratiebron geweest, en bent met Boom! een groot onderdeel geweest van de scène hier in groningen, hierin ben ook ik opgegroeid en hebben we vele mooie en soms ook leerzame ;) momenten gekend waarvoor dank.

        Grappig dat ik het met jou nooit over Bill hicks heb gehad, ook ik ben fan. Dus ook van mij een quote waarbij ik me jouw vrolijke grimas goed bij kan voorstellen :)

        "Drink up have fun there is no death don’t suffer don’t feel guilty god loves you no matter what you do you are the perfect and holy child of god... - Bill hicks"

        Rust zacht Matt ,

        Bas - Groningen
        19 september 2015

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        Dear Matt,
        It seems so unreal that you slipped away. We weren't close friends, but I've always regarded you as a very special person. I'll never forget you texed me to drop by your 'toko' because you had something for me: tea bag caddies with pictures of Queen Lizzie on. You spotted them on your holiday and had to think about me because of all my 'koninginnegetrut'.
        Matt, I'm going to miss your thoughtfulness, humour and sarcasm. Wherever you're now are, I hope it's nice!

        To Matts family and everyone close to him, I wish lots of strength to deal with this loss. May it be a comfort to know that he was so dear to so many.

        Marco - Groningen
        19 september 2015

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      • Memories
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        Dear Matt,

        Just unbelievable and sad we won’t be able to see, hear, and touch you anymore but for sure you have touched many hearts and you will live on in our memories where I can still see and hear you. I dived into some old boxes and made some pic’s “digital” as these were actually taken in 2000 by my Kodak camera. I have good memories on all the nice parties we all had together with the Groningen and Leeuwarden crew. Just to name two parties providing the pic's along with it: “Earth Dance” on the boat in Groningen and “Asian Vibes” in Leeuwarden.

        Bye bye for now….

        Paloma - Den Haag
        18 september 2015

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        Ook al hadden wij niet veel contact....Ik ga je missen man!!!

        Cor - Hoogezand
        18 september 2015

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      • It's just a ride
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        Miss you, everything you are. Our long deep talks, hilarious laughter, and everything in between. You pointed out Bill Hick for me, and from that moment, we shared the love for this person.
        This is one of my favorite quotes, for knowing it's true, we will meet again, other place, other situation, other ride.

        AnneMarie - Groningen
        18 september 2015

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      • Holy shit
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        Ik hoor het zojuist pas, komt me koud op het dak vallen. Ik zat afgelopen week nog door mijn foto's en filmpjes te browsen van diverse festivals, waar we samen kamp op hadden geslagen.
        Dude, ik zal je ook missen.
        Werner (ORKZ).

        Werner - Groningen
        18 september 2015

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      • 2015
        It's just a ride
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        Going to miss you Matt. I remember that you told me to look on youtube for Bill Hicks. This was always my favorite part.

        Theo - Groningen
        17 september 2015

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      • Farewell
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        I was devastated to hear of your passing Matt. We had so many good times together. You were always smiling and laughing, cracking some sarcastic and witty joke about anything. It was always great meeting you and we had some very memorable journeys and parties together, including Japan and France where Magnus and I got to meet your lovely parents.
        Well, you wouldn't want us to be all sad and sorry, so we will keep laughing and partying in your name. There will be a dedication to your memory on the next album I produce, to be released in november.
        So, party on with the angels dear Matt!

        David - Stockholm
        17 september 2015

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      • Bon Voyage
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        Te awero Space Cowboy, te later!

        Arco - Willemstad
        16 september 2015

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