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Michael Barnard

      "Important is not just the way you are going but the trail you leave behind.”

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        Dear Mick,

        I really don’t know what say or to write.
        We miss you, it’s hard to believe that you are gone.
        You will be missed and loved by a lot of people.
        I will remember you as a happy man, who loved his job and family.
        You were a great example for all of us.
        We will never forget you!!!

        Denise - Maassluis
        15 april 2017

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      • More than just a friend
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        Dear Mick,

        I would like to thank you for the joy and support your brought into my life in the years we have know each other, working together in Colchester and Felixstowe.
        It was an honour to have you as my best man when I git married.

        Sleep well my friend

        David - United Kingdom
        12 april 2017

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      • Dear Mick,
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        I remember you as a great colleague. You were always very sympathetic, warm and friendly. It didn't matter how busy and stressful the work was, we could always count on you. I hope that during the nights, you can now be the angel on the shoulder of the drivers that sometimes they might need....

        Dear Julie and family,
        I wish you all the strength you need to overcome this loss.

        Kind regards,
        Sandra den Broeder

        Sandra - Hoek van Holland
        12 april 2017

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      • Hi Mick
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        You where a great colleague.
        I will never forget you.

        Paul - Naaldwijk
        11 april 2017

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      • Old building
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        Hello my "morning " friend,
        I'm really gonna miss our nice conversations in the morning
        about everything and nothing en off course sometimes about work.
        Our Track and Trace is not the same anymore and i really thought you've
        only going on retirement when you have reached the age of 120.
        Too bad you did nog get that job done.
        I hope you keep an eye on Dailyfresh and specially on me.
        (so i will behave to our haulier, partners and customers).
        Old (but solid) Building it was a pleasure to work with you
        and we will trace you untill you reach your special place Heaven.
        Thanks, Jeroen

        Jeroen - Den Haag
        10 april 2017

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      • Condolences
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        Dear Julie and Family,
        My condolences to you and family.
        I will remember Mick as a beacon in the night. For many years and for many drivers the familiar friendly voice on the phone who helped you out whenever he could.
        I will be missing him.

        Sander - Den Haag
        23 maart 2017

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      • Condolences
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        Dear Julie and Family
        Last Friday when I received the message that Mick has passed away, it became silence, not knowing what to say.
        Always will remember Mick as a Joyfull, Warm and Professional Person .
        My sincere condolences to Julie and Family.
        Wishing You all the strenght to overcome this loss
        Goodbye my Friend

        Jelle - Poelkapelle (B)
        20 maart 2017

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      • Dear Mick,
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        What a pleasure it was knowing you! Always smiling, always optimistic.
        A better colleague couldn't be wished for.

        Mirjam - Delft
        20 maart 2017

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      • Condolences
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        Dear Julie and Family ,
        My sincere condolences. It was a pleasure having known Mick and to work with him.
        I wish you all strength during this difficult time!
        Best regards, Mark Verhoef

        Mark - Voorschoten
        20 maart 2017

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      • condolences
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        Good afternoon,
        Last Friday i heard the very sad news that Mick has passed away. I had the pleasure of working with Mick at Visbeen in Colchester in 1994 and 1995. Although a long time ago, i can still remember that period as if it was yesterday. I remember Mick as a warm, friendly and very professional colleague and really enjoyed our time as colleagues.
        My thoughts are with Julie, close family and friends of Mick and wish them all the strength to cope with this sad loss
        Warm regards,
        Ernst Woudsma

        Ernst - Hoek van Holland
        20 maart 2017

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