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Prof. dr. ir. Jo van Nunen

      Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, Dinalog, vereniging Logistiek management / Dutch Logistics Association (named by Jo: \'\'Vereniging voor Leuke Mensen\'\').

      Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University:

      It regrets us to inform you that Professor Jo van Nunen passed away in Vancouver on Wednesday May 12th .
      Considered to be one of the founding fathers of RSM, he played a pivotal role in shaping the school into what it is today. Young of heart and enjoying life to the fullest, he looked forward to his retirement this September, or his “re-start’, as he called it.
      Jo will be dearly missed by us all. We have great memories of his performances in and for the school.

      Our thoughts are with his wife Marleen, their two children and their families.
      As of 14:30 this afternoon, a book of condolence will be available at the social corner on the 9th floor in the T building.

      With Kind Regards and Good memories of Jo,
      On behalf of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
      George Yip, Dean RSM


      We are deeply shocked to hear the news of the unexpected death of Prof. Dr. Jo van Nunen, Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management and Chairman of the Dinalog International Scientific Advisory Committee.
      Jo van Nunen was an extraordinary person, always full of life and innovative ideas with an enormous drive and determination.
      He was of great importance, as a acknowledged scientist and innovator, to the national and international academic world and his field of expertise in Logistics and Supply Chain Management / Operations Research.
      He was a source of inspiration for governments and private industries that he cooperated with. He was one of the initiators and co-founders of Dinalog and was a very enthusiastic, inspiring and warm member of the Dinalog team.
      His death is a tremendous loss to us all and we will greatly miss Jo’s friendship and leadership.

      Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Marleen, his children, grandchildren, further family and friends that he leaves behind.

      On behalf of Dinalog, ISAC, Dinalog Friends and all involved in Dinalog and Dinalog Campus,

      Willem Heeren (Chairman Dinalog)
      Jan Fransoo (Co-Chairman Dinalog)
      Karel Kinds (Chairman Dinalog Friends)
      Wim Bens (managing director)
      Steef van de Velde (scientific director)

      vereniging Logistiek management / Dutch Logistics Association:

      Dear family, friends and colleagues of Jo,

      We too have been left behind stunned and dumbed at the sudden passing of our president Jo van Nunen.
      Jo has been an active boardmember for the last few years and president since fall of 2009. Jo was full of ambition to move the Netherlands to a top position in Europe in the logistics field. In his vision there was a major part to fulfill for our association, the vLm.
      He knew everyone and everyone knew him, making him invaluable to the logistics community as a whole and
      to us in specific. Jo had his own way of building bridges between the academic world, the authorities and the business community. He did this filled with passion and compassion, always with a joke or good anecdote to lift our spirits. Never a dull moment, untill now.

      Jo was a proud parent and grandfather, our thoughts are with his family and all of you who grieve with us on the loss of this extraordinary man.

      On behalf of staff and members,
      Mieke Damen, vice president vLm
      Henk van Amstel, interim managing director vLm

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      • Mooie herinneringen
        reactie 6   |   niet OK
        Ik denk nog met regelmaat aan Jo terug, met zijn humor en bevlogenheid. Ik ben blij dat ik bij hem in 2008 heb mogen afstuderen, het was een leuke en mooie ervaring.

        M Lamberts - Utrecht
        12 mei 2016

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      • vaak in mijn gedachten
        reactie 5   |   niet OK
        De naam van Jo valt nog regelmatig in logistieke kringen. Ik denk met warmte terug aan de man die vol met humor zat en warme belangstelling had voor mens en vakgebied. De herinneringen blijven aan een prachtmens.

        Janny Kok - Rotterdam
        12 mei 2015

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      • Five long years
        reactie 4   |   niet OK
        It is five long years but all the paths keep the memory
        Stefan Voß, Hamburg

        Stefan Voss - Hamburg
        12 mei 2015

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      • Johannes Bartels
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        Johannes Bartels - Breda
        12 mei 2015
        reactie 3
      • Gert Velthuizen
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        Gert Velthuizen - Warmond
        12 mei 2015
        reactie 2
      • 2015
        reactie 1   |   niet OK
        Jo, ik vergeet je humor nimmer...

        Hugo Roos - Rijen
        12 mei 2015

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