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Sabrina Vlaskalic


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        I just happened to listen Sabrina's CD "de Klank van Fransum" and thought after that to check from web what kind of guitar Andrea Marvi is what she played. Then I saw an announcement somewhere that she was dead. I'm still at a shock! It's so hard to believe that to be true. I remember her kindness years ago when she was playing in Finland and how she contacted me before coming here for a recital. Just communicated with her also afterwards and had discussions of many things or music and things pertaining to life. She was really special young woman and excellent player. May she rest in peace.
        Tapani Räikkönen from Finland

        Tapani - Helsinki
        24 januari 2020

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      • Ik mis je
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        Als persoon, je betrokkenheid naar iedereen toe waar je mee in contact kwam. Je talent en veel meer dan dat. Je was een bijzondere meid. Dankbaar ben ik dat je mijn pad hebt gekruist. Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        Marian - Groningen
        28 maart 2019

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      • Cancion para Sabrina
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        I hardly could find the notes when I heard about your cruel accident. I hope that this song can be of comfort for the people close to you and maybe even for you.

        Love, Alfred

        Alfred - Benavites (Valencia)
        18 februari 2019

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      • Dear Sabrina
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        Still I am very shocked, as I heard about your accident, I cannot look at your picture, without feeling the pain of your loss.
        Here I want to share a few words...
        The first time we had contact was, as you had invited Maestro Leo Brouwer to Groningen! Respect that you made this happen! Even twice!
        The first time I heard you play, was 2017 at the Twents Guitar Festival. I am still very impressed and touched by your interpretation of the Sonate by Alberto Ginastera!
        Then march 2018, you and Jorrit invited me at your house, to talk about how I could support the DGF and about the new Guitar Festival in Zwolle, with support of the DGF. You had so many ideas about how we could make this happen! You cooked a Serbian dinner for us, in between you asked your mother to help making a perfect sauce! I will never forget this and many other things!
        Thank you for being you and being so passioned, inspiring, full of energy for our shared passion: the classical guitar, for making things happen, for the fact that we worked together, although we could not complete our plans for Zwolle, we will not give up!

        Saskia Spinder

        Saskia - Zwolle
        4 februari 2019

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      • dank je Sabrina
        reactie 29   |   niet OK
        Je geloofde in mijn zoon, en gaf hem de inspiratie om zijn hart te volgen, ik ben je daar zeer dankbaar voor.

        Harry - Haren
        2 februari 2019

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      • We will cherish the memorie of your song
        reactie 28   |   niet OK

        Aaldrik & Ingrid

        Ingrid & Aaldrik - Veendam
        2 februari 2019

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      • Koblenz 2014
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        We met Sabrina and some of her students in Koblenz in 2014! She'll be terribly missed here, too!

        Christoph - Koblenz
        26 januari 2019

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      • Alis Propriis Volat
        reactie 26   |   niet OK
        A huge loss for her family, friends, coworkers and the international classical guitar industry. There are no words to soften the blow for such a loss, yet we (from LMIPA) wish all the strength and love in the world to all whom are saddend bij this devastating loss of life!
        "Alis Propriis Volat"

        Patrick Nahafahik - Groningen
        24 januari 2019

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      • Incredible sad news
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        Dear Sabrina,

        We studied together at Conservatorium The Hague and I remember you as a great guitarist and above all a great and wonderfull person. Now that you’re no longer with us I would like to share my condolences with your family and friends. Rest in peace, Roel Goedhart

        Roel - Amsterdam
        24 januari 2019

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      • Visit
        reactie 24   |   niet OK

        Dear Sabrina I always will remember you as a great virtuose guitarist but also as a good cook.
        Your pumpkinsoup was delicious many thanks for everything you gave

        Jouke - Den Haag
        24 januari 2019

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