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Sebastian Müller

      It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the terrible news that Sebastian Müller, our Year 3 IBMS student, was fatally injured in a motor bike accident last Friday. He was currently on semester exchange in Yogyakarta, Indonesia at our partner university Universitas Gadjah Mada. The accident took place last Friday. He was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery, but unfortunately to no avail and Sunday morning he passed away.\r\nThere are no words to describe the sense of loss we felt when hearing this news. Life is extremely unfair when fate strikes at such a young age. Sebastian was a very amiable and sociable student, involved in his studies, in ASIS, in Avans with all the activities he undertook since his start here in Breda. We know Sebastian not only as very involved with our programme, but also as very interested in European politics and social events. He organized an excursion for all the Asian Business Students to the European Commission in Brussels last December. During his studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada, he noticed a lack of presentation skills with the Indonesian students, so he organized classes for these students in order to improve these skills. The Indonesian students were even to be rewarded with a joint Gadjah Mada and Avans certificate.\r\nDespite the fact that he could not live together with his fiancée, their love was so great that it was able to bridge the distance between them.\r\n\r\nWe kindly ask you to write your thoughts and memories about Sebastian in this condolence register in German as much as possible, as his parents and his fiancée will cherish all that can be said about their only son, Sebastian.\r\n\r\nWe and all fellow students will sorely miss him.\r\nASIS staff

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      • Ad Brouwers
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        Ad Brouwers - Breda
        8 juni 2016
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      • 2015
        FDP-Fraktion in Köln in stillen Gedenken
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        Wir Kölner Liberale haben Sebastian viel zu verdanken. Er lebt in unseren Gedanken weiterhin unter uns. In stillen Gedenken.
        Ulrich Breite, FDP-Fraktionsgeschäftsführer im Kölner Rat

        Ulrich Breite - Köln
        3 juni 2015

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      • 2015
        fond memories
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        3 June 2015
        Dear Parents,
        It has been three years now since the accident. I would like to let you know that I have such fond memories of Sebastian. When I look at his picture, I can still feel his positive energy. He will be in our hearts for ever. I wish you much strength on this difficult day but hope that with time the pain and sadness will gradually soften.
        Warm regards,
        Marion van Strien
        teacher Avans School of International Studies

        Marion van Strien - Hoeven
        3 juni 2015

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      • Jeremy Overgaag
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        Jeremy Overgaag - Breda
        3 juni 2015
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