Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Stephen Ellis

      Gelukkig geleefd, gelukkig gestorven.
      Happy in life, happy in death.

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        Muazu - GIABA, Dakar, Senegal

        11 januari 2016

      • Stephen
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        Really shocked to read about prof Ellis' death. I had the pleasure to meet him on several occasions, but more important: his work lives on and will inspire and guide current and new generations of Africanists for many decades to come.

        krijn - Swansea
        13 oktober 2015

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        Solofo - Madagascar

        22 september 2015

      • 2013
        Good-Bye Dr Ellis
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        Dr Ellis was a regular lecturer at Clingendael Academy, highly appreciated by everybody - we will miss him, not only for his enlightening political analyses but also his very special personality. His writings will stay and will keep him alive in our brains and hearts for a long time. Thanks for all you gave us, Stephen.

        marianne - Voorburg
        7 september 2015

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      • Stephen will be sorely missed
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        Stephen will be sorely missed by the African studies community, not only in the Netherlands but more widely. I met him a decade ago during a period as visiting researcher at the ASC, when I was struck by his enormous erudition and knowledge. He always made contact on his visits to South Africa, and we spent time together in Bloemfontein and in Cape Town. I was proud to be able to set up a book launch for his ANC book at the University of the Western Cape. Stephen wore his brilliance lightly. He was warm, engaged, a 'mensch'. He will be deeply missed not only as a scholar but as a human being.

        Shirley - Cape Town
        25 augustus 2015

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        Ian - University of St Andrews

        24 augustus 2015

      • 2015
        From a correspondent
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        As a journalist I have met Stephen on quite a few occasions and it always struck me how eloquently he gave his views, based on solid research and reasoning. But he was also curious to find out more and had a personal humility that was immensely engaging, even when he held opinions that ran counter to current received wisdom. I will remember him with great warmth and pleasure. Perhaps there should have been more time to exchange views about the various places - Liberia and Guinea spring to mind - that intrigued and fascinated us.
        Farewell, Stephen, you will be greatly missed.

        Bram - Ouagadougou
        13 augustus 2015

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      • 1973
        First and last
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        I did not know Stephen Ellis in person but i had the chance to attend his lecture as part of the And Now Africa series. That was early this year. His public contribution proved a brilliant show of expertise on African history. Eloquent, flawless to an almost unworldly point, deep, broad and rich with remarkable detail. On my way home my mind was still spinning. Ii was one of the best academic lectures I ever had.

        Roman - Den Haag
        12 augustus 2015

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      • 2015
        Getting to Know Prof Ellis
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        When I arrived at the ASC Pro Ellis was one of the faculty I got to know. He was always interested in my research and urged me on to get the PhD sorted out without delay. Samuel don't waste time! were the words he always left me with. I had the opportunity of visiting him and his wife in Amsterdam in 2010 where he took me through historic sites. His last words to me in April 2015 when we met at ASC was ' Samuel I will fix some dinner in 2016 when you visit'. Prof Ellis has lived a life worth remembering, he has contributed to the development of a lot of people. His light to the world shall continue to burn. The World has indeed lost a great man.

        samuel - Ghana
        11 augustus 2015

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      • 2015
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        I first met Stephen in the 1990s; during the past few years we had more conversations and contact. What impressed me most, was his drive in unearthing the hidden facts of history, be it in archives or the fields and cities of Africa. Stephen was a gifted and sometimes acerbic storyteller, who could cause peals of laughter around him at the Africa Studies Centre. I will remember his courage in telling the truth as he saw it, his kindness to up-and-coming academics, and his unpretentious enthusiasm. You will be missed, Stephen. Rus sag.

        Heinrich - Leiden
        8 augustus 2015

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