Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Tonny Verhagen-Heuthorst

      Ik heb een mooi leven gehad,
      het is goed zo.

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      • 2015
        Blessed to have such a special Aunt!
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        Lieve Tante Tonny,

        If aunts were flowers, in any garden, I would always pick you.

        No matter the distance, no matter how little contact we had, you have always been and will always be in our minds and in that very special place in our hearts. And without consulting, I know I speak for each and every one of my brothers and sisters (in-laws included) and our entire family. Pure love is what you generate.
        We are all also eternally grateful for your holding our mom’s hand at a time when having her dear sister besides her was irreplaceable. Came rain, came shine in a foreign land, there you went and came, even by bus to be with her at the hospital. As funny as it was to watch you with the plastic bags over your shoes to make sure they got dry to the other end, it was heart-melting to have your sweetest, most positive & supportive, funniest and kindest presence there with us. A Rock for us while meaning the world to mum.
        We couldn't be more blessed to have had you in our lives and we will “pay it forward” by doing our best to spread the kind of love you gave! We love you dearly!
        To our cousins, aunts, extended family and friends, we wish you all the strength in the world knowing each sad moment will be surpassed by endless great memories of her. We will be thinking of you!
        Lots of warmth from Brazil.
        Tonny & Fam
        Hans & Fam
        Maria Teresa & Fam
        Valter & Fam
        Lidween & Fam
        Greetje & Fam
        Therezinha & Fam
        Paulo & Fam
        Lucia & Fam
        Cilia & Fam

        Cecilia - Portugal
        13 februari 2015

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      • Wonderful Woman
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        Tante Tonny,
        When you were in New Zealnd or we are in Holland you were always like my real mother and father. I felt that close to you. You always made me feel that way.
        It is a sad moment to lose you but millions of moments to remember you by.
        You will always be in my heart and the heart of all the Heuthorsts in New Zealand.
        Lots of love,
        Frank, Eve, Dylan and Ashley.
        Tante Jo.
        Tony, Tania, Annalee and James,
        Rodney, Amber and Skye

        Frank - New Zealand
        13 februari 2015

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      • Heel veel sterkte
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        Het is een wonderbaar iets, een Moeder
        Anderen mogen je liefhebben
        je moeder alleen begrijpt je
        Ze werkt voor je
        Zorgt voor je
        Bemint je
        Vergeeft je alles wat je doet
        Begrijpt je, en het enige “kwaad” wat ze je ooit doet
        Is te sterven en je te verlaten.
        Wij wensen jullie heel veel sterkte.
        Anja en Henk, (Richard en Danitsja overleden 2009)
        Rogier en Demy.

        Anja - Angerlo
        12 februari 2015

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      • 2015
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        Een woord van troost
        Een warme groet
        Willen wij je hierbij sturen
        Zodat jullie weten
        dat wij aan jullie denken
        in deze droeve uren.

        Familie v. Roosmalen Veghel


        Antoon - VDEGHEL
        11 februari 2015

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      • 2015
        Onze tweede moeder
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        So many lovely memories - always laughing, singing, making the best of things, her amazing sense of humour,
        playing cards while Tante Tonny's glasses fell down her nose as the bottle got lower!
        Making us feel like her own children and giving us the wonderful drop and vla flip - so generous all the time with her time and love.
        From her sister Truus and all of us - thank you so much for keeping the wider family together through long phone calls in the early hours of the morning, letters and emails with photos.
        One of Truus's best stories - Tante Tonny as a 9 year old swinging on the gate and chanting 'dumpkof' at passing German soldiers during the second world war!
        Always the love that we shared.
        Slaap zacht
        Trudy, Matt and Cam, Ingrid and all the family

        Ingrid - New Zealand
        11 februari 2015

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