Overlijdensbericht en herinneringsplaats van

Willem Hendrik Woudenberg

      A beautiful man died today

      Willem Hendrik Woudenberg
      Woudenberg (NL), 28 April 1953 - Monnickendam (NL), 8 April 2020

      Loving husband of
      Madhuri Dass Woudenberg

      Father of
      Wouter Woudenberg

      Romano nr. 10, 8084 EB 't Harde, NL

      Funeral details to follow on Thursday April 9.

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      • The Goa School is opening soon
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        When the skies reopen, we'd love to see you in India, to participate in this brainchild of Willem's.

        Madhuri - Goa
        6 juni 2021

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      • Willem and Madhuri
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        Lying on the grass, in the Sun. Our favourite activity :)

        Madhuri - India
        26 november 2020

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      • Video
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        Madhuri - Goa
        11 oktober 2020

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      • Willem, my sailing companion.
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        I've sailed the Hybris, Willem's sailing yacht, for many years. It stopped when he moved to India and we sold the ship. We agreed on him being the shipowner and i the captain. That worked well, Willem choose the destination and i plotted the course and set the sails. The thing about sailing is that, once you are out of the harbour and on course, there's little more to do than talking. And we did talk a lot on board. I have seldom met people with such an open mind and interest in almost everything as Willem had. We sailed the IJsselmeer, a huge lake in The Netherlands, so we had the time for long conversations without any social pressure; there was only the ship, the waves and the skyline. Sometimes we sailed for hours without saying a word, just enjoying the world. After Willem had left for India i met him only once a year when he came to Holland. Still i miss him very much, he has become one of my very best friends.

        Olger - Amsterdam
        20 juni 2020

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      • You get what you need...
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        Madhuri - Monnickendam
        13 mei 2020

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      • aan echtgenote, familie en vrienden van Willem
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        Graag wil ik mijn condoleance geven aan Wouter en mevrouw Madhuri., familie en vrienden van Willem.
        Willem heb ik leren kennen in de periode dat mijn man ziek werd en overleed, 2004/2005. Als een schok voel ik nu het overlijden van Willem, nog net geen 67, nog verre van oud, ook net als mijn man.....
        Met veel plezier denk ik terug aan de jaren dat ik voor Eden heb mogen werken. Dankbaar ben ik Willem nog altijd voor zijn aandacht en geduld in de beginperiode die voor mij niet makkelijk was. Het vertrouwen dat Willem mij jarenlang gegeven heeft, was een grote steun voor mij. Onze gesprekken waren fijn en inspirerend. We woonden op het zelfde stuk van die o zo mooie Prinsengracht. Ook Wouter heb ik in de die jaren leren kennen; ik hoop Wouter, dat het goed met je gaat!!
        Vanaf dat Willem naar India vertrok (en ik naar Haarlem) hebben wij elkaar niet meer gezien. En helaas zal dat dus ook niet meer gebeuren......
        Ik wens Madhuri, Wouter, familie en vrienden veel sterkte met het verlies van Willem.
        Hilde Lagas-Smit

        Hilde - Zaanenstraat 207, 2022CN Haarlem
        16 april 2020

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      • reactie 41

        Er is een reactie aan de nabestaanden achtergelaten door:

        Jennifer - Hoorn

        16 april 2020

      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        For about four years we lived in the same house on the Prinsengracht canal. Willem on the third floor and we at ground level, until Willem moved to India. It was a shock for us to learn that Willem has passed away. Although we knew each other for a relatively short period, we will remember his entrepreneurship, his ideas, and his gentle character. We wish Madhuri and his son Wouter the strenght to bear this loss.

        Rein and Caroline Kielstra

        Rein - Amsterdam
        16 april 2020

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      • My Contact with Willem
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        I, unfortunately, never met Willem and I didn't even speak with him till about 11 days before his passing. But he was married to my niece Madhuri and I knew that they were very happy together.
        I first learned of his existence sometime in 2016, when I rang Madhuri about some family matter that was bothering me. She said she knew this guy and casually mentioned - we are thinking of getting married. I had no idea of who it was but the idea of her getting married appealed to me. On pressing her, she revealed it was a Dutchman and that he was around somewhere, I wanted to talk with him, but I guess as they were just discussing the matter at that time, we didn't get around to talking. But Madhuri sent me a picture. Some time later she said they were going to get married and would I come to the wedding. I said certainly, but I meant if it was in Holland, as I didn't want to come to Lucknow at that time. So that chance of meeting him went by also.
        The next few years I saw their life on facebook. When my brother, Madhuri's father, passed, Willem wrote in his memoriam booklet which I read. From that I gathered that Willem had a sense of humour. He was faced with a conundrum of how to address my brother, given that he was his father-in-law, but around the same age group as him, so he was reluctant to address him as Dad. Amrita, my cousin, solved it for him by coming up with a solution. The solution, however, was a bit of joke played by Amrita, as it was an endearing term, quite inappropriate for anyone but my brother's wife to use. My brother I guess was too embarrased to correct him, and no one else ever did, so he never found out.
        Some months ago I noticed on Facebook that Madhuri and Willem were quite often in Goa, so I asked Maduri about it and she told me that they had bought a house there. I said I would visit them there sometime and was told that they also had a house in Amsterdam and flitted back and forth. So I said I would visit them in both places and was then told that they also had a motorhome so I might have to chase them around all over Europe.
        Fast forward to around the 23rd of March. I noticed a post from Maduri on Facebook and some friend asked he where she was, and she replied that she was in hospital. So I immediately asked her if she was okay. She said she was, but Willem was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. A couple of days later I talked with her via video link. She said that Willem was in a bad way he had been given a couple of hours to live by the doctors a couple of days earlier. She was surprised that he was still alive. She handed him the phone and it was then I spoke with Willem, for the first and only time.
        I had spoken to Madhuri earlier about cancer immunotherapy, which I had read about and which lead to some miraculous cures and told her she could try and get him onto some clinical trial.
        When I spoke with Willem, on video, he was weak, but completely lucid. When I told him about immunotherapy and trials, he immediately asked me – where can we get the trials? Willem clearly had not given up the fight. He fought on for another 12 days. I was very sad to learn of his passing.
        So although my interaction with Willem was brief, I had come to know him through Mahuri. I know he was a good friend and husband. I know that he gave Madhuri a lot of happiness and I am grateful for the time they had together.
        Raj Dass

        Raj - 36B MacPherson Street, Meadowbank. Auckland, New Zealand
        16 april 2020

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      • A special Man in India
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        Dear Madhuri, Wouter and family,

        Several years ago I met Willem for the first time in the garden under the fruit trees at Miriams and Joost place. Willem was intriguing. Full of stories and creativity. He told about his profession in the marketing. His work at Fabrique and Brand Dialogue. His belief in the power of a brand. The Story and Adventure behind a brand. Stories and Adventures
        He was very appreciated for that. He was always looking for new inspiring things. At a certain moment he called me to tell that had plans to leave to India. That results also that his involvement with Paradox, couldn't continue.
        When he was in India, he was a big promotor of the Dutch Design World. In that time he came by at What Design Can Do with the question to collaborate and to set up WDCD India. Also something about showing stories and creativity and adventure. We met several times when he was in The Netherlands. Always ready for the next challenge.
        Today we have to say goodbye to him. Thanks Willem for all the stories and beautiful conversations. Your have given us great stories to remember and inspiration to continue.
        Dear Madhuri and Wouter, we don't know each other, but I wish that your memories of Willem will support and comfort you in this sad time.
        Willem was a special Man in India.

        Arnoud van Dommele

        Arnoud - Amstelveen
        15 april 2020

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