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Yvonne Lagas

      Yvonne Lagas, oprichtster van Countrykoor \"SHENANDOAH\" is op 13 oktober 2011 overleden. De liedjes die het koor van Yvonne heeft geleerd zullen nooit meer hetzelfde klinken. Dag lieve Yvonne, dank je wel voor je enorme kennis van muziek waarmee je dit enige Countrykoor ter wereld hebt gemaakt tot wat het nu is. Namens Countrykoor Shenandoah, Anneke van de Laar

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      • wij missen je nog steeds lieve yvon
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        lieve yvonne
        voor jou ging het sterven niet ineens
        je hebt er moedig voor gestreden
        niemand kan weten wat je hebt gevoeld
        ook niet wat je hebt geleden

        5 jaar geleden ging je van ons heen we denken nog steeds heel veel aan je en we missen je heel erg er gaat geen dag voor bij of ik zit aan je te denken en ook vaak tranen maar je heb geen pijn meer dat geeft mij heel veel troost
        lieve groetjes koos en rimmie

        koos - den haag
        16 oktober 2016

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      • Dag Von
        reactie 2   |   niet OK
        Je zal altijd bij me zijn, wat hebben we vaak gelachen,en gehuild,denk maar niet dat ik je ooit vergeet,allemaal veel liefs en sterkte toegewenst op deze byzondere dag,liefs :Olga

        Olga - den Haag
        13 oktober 2016

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      • 2014
        Dag Yvonne
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        Gentle love…..
        come to us, wrap us in your embrace, play in our dreams, dance inside
        our bodies, travel on the coattails of our souls,
        scent the very breaht that sustains us, tickle our friends so that we may
        laugh togeter.

        Gentle love…..
        smile that secret smile, a secret only to the ones who do not smile,
        and a delight to the ones who do.
        sparkling eyes lift the souls of our dancing shoes

        Gentle love…..
        i often think of you, I think about the voices of our souls.
        in isolation, some voices contradict others, some speak louder, some can’t
        be heard at all.
        voices like fibers of a magnificent tapestry. each fiber necessary to create
        the design yet a fiber loses identity studied alone.
        i think about the blood that runs throught us all: plants, animals, inanimate
        objects, spiritual worlds, the skies and all environments.
        i can hear you, i can feel your pulse stronger than my own heart. i feel reassured knowing that this voice connect to a benevolant heart.

        Gentle love…..
        i hear voices of fear and find yet another friend
        your gentle company rifenes my ears to attend beyond the harsh static of
        fears projection.fear can not be a gentle counsel guiding us to crevices
        we are unaware of, so that we may love more in darkness, what guides us?
        day of night does not change what is offered to us, only what we become
        aware. what holds us back: fear or restistance to fear?

        Gentle love…..
        i feel your presence, everywhere. i hear the gentleness in fear, i hear
        your voice in different souls; yet wer are one. when others hurt,
        we will feel their pain, when we bring joy to others, we will know their
        joy. pain and joy, what separates us but our bodies?
        i follow the voice of love, you do not leave a trail, for your imprents
        are everywhere. what is heaven but joy? i hear your voice soft, impossible
        to deny. i can taste you in my very breath.
        i see you with eyes of clarity. i look deep into myself, into others, into the
        nature which surrounds us all: gentle love. the gates have
        never closed.

        Gentle love…..
        i remember your story as i putter away in my spiritual garden. i try to
        nurture joy and give life to that which brings me contentment.
        i can see the gardens of others. I can see the seeds of joy they plant
        and how they raise their sprouting joy. when a soul sheds it’s clothes in
        laughter, i glimpse a heaven that surrounds us. I remember your story,
        I remember heaven.

        Gentle love…..
        Not so long ago i asked people to walk beside me in the spiritual revealing.
        was it only months ago that i laid unquestioning trust on your shoulders?
        all this is true. i still ask for guidance and strength.
        the beauty of our friendship has a soft, contented glow, often vividly and
        with a zest for life, sometimes feeling small, always the feeling of mutual
        trust in each other.
        not a division of ‘you and i’ just gentle love.
        a contented smile and a sparkle of joy that lights our world: love that is byond
        the horizon at once embraces us to be alighted.
        welcome home
        Gentle love…..

        Jan - Utrecht
        3 december 2014

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