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Özhan Coskun

      The Executive Board, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Automotive Systems Design group(ASD) of Eindhoven University of Technology were greatly dismayed to learn of the death of our colleague Özhan (H.O.) Coskun. During the night of 27 to 28 February, he died as a result of an fatal accident in an apartment block in the Cederlaan of Eindhoven. Police investigations confirmed this.

      Özhan took a post-Master's degree (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) at the ASD group and was considered a very talented young man who was greatly valued by his colleagues and management of the education because of his positive contribution and professional attitude.
      The Executive Board, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the ASD group wishes to extend its deepest sympathy and condolences to all next of kin and colleagues of Özhan Coskun.
      Üniversite idare kurulu, Matematik ve Bilgi Fakültesi ve Otomotiv Sistemleri Tasar?m? (ASD) Grubu, büyük bir ?a?k?nl?k içinde meslekta?lar? Özhan (H.Ö.) Co?kun’un ölüm haberini alm??lard?r. Kendisi, 27 ?ubat cuma gecesi, Eindhoven Cederlaan adresinde bulunan bir apartmanda, talihsiz bir kaza sonucu hayat?n? kaybetmi?tir. Polis taraf?ndan yap?lan bir ara?t?rma bunu do?rulam??t?r.

      Özhan, Otomotiv Sistemleri Tasar?m? (ASD) Grubu’nda, master sonras? e?itim kapsam?nda stajerlik yapan çok yetenekli bir gençti. Mesai arkada?lar? ve departman idaresi taraf?ndan olumlu katk? ve profesyonel tutumundan dolay? takdir edilirdi. Üniversite idare kurulu, Matematik ve Bilgi Fakültesi ve Otomotiv Sistemleri Tasar?m? (ASD) Grubu, Özhan Co?kun’un ailesine, yak?nlar?na ve mesai arkada?lar?na ba?sa?l??? diler.

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      • 2015
        Condolences from 3TU.SAI
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        Our heartfelt condolences go out to Özhan’s family, friends and colleagues. Our thoughts are with them and we wish them a lot of strength in these difficult times.

        The team at 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute

        Vanessa - Eindhoven
        2 maart 2015

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      • Basimiz sagolsun - My condolences
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        Dunya cok degerli bir bilim adamini ve cok iyi bir insani trajik bir kazada kaybetti. Hepimizin basi sagolsun.

        Mekani cennet olsun...
        -Mustafa Y. Yener
        World lost a very precious scientist and a very good person in a tragic accident. My condolences.

        May he rest in peace...
        -Mustafa Y. Yener

        Mustafa Y. - Eindhoven
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        We will never forget
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        It is beyond all reason and comprehension to loose a child as a parent. This is not the way life should unfold itself for anyone. There will never be justification for this horrible tragedy. I deeply sympathize with the grief and sorrow of the family and friends of Özhan. I wish them great strength in finding ways to make their lives more bearable after having experienced such a great loss.
        Charl Kuiters (HR)

        Charl - Rosmalen
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        Persoonlijke reactie...
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        The awful and heartbreaking news reached me last Saturday. My heart goes out to his parents, sister, family, friends, and colleagues. Özhan will be missed by many.

        Maggy de Wert
        Mathematics and Computer Science, ST program

        Maggy - Oisterwijk
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        Oz, you were one of us. We will never forget you.
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        The loss of this beautiful and promising young man is devastating, for his parents, family, friends and colleagues. I extend my deepest compassion and condolences to them. Within the five months that he worked as a trainee in our ASD program, he was quickly recognized for his remarkable social and professional qualities. A cheerful, happy and very smart young man, always looking for new experiences. He definitely made an impact. Oz, you will be with us always.
        Peter Heuberger
        ASD program coordinator

        Peter - Breda
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        Will miss the die-hard Besiktas fan
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        I remember him being always cheerful (except when Besiktas lost). Just want to say that I wish his soul to rest in peace. He was an awesome guy and it saddens me deeply that he was taken away from us like this and so suddenly.
        Cannot even imagine what his family and close friends are feeling. My heartfelt condolences to them.
        Rishabh Dev Sharma, India
        PDEng, ASD 2013

        Rishabh Dev - Eindhoven
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        So unfair
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        Although I did not know Özhan personally, I’m shocked to hear the news of his tragic death. I want to express my deepest compassion to his family, friends and collegeas, all those who have to cope with this immeasurable loss.

        Department of Mechanical Engineering TU/e

        Janine - Waalre
        2 maart 2015

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        I don't know how to explain the depth of my sorrow. I'm just thinking all the years we spent together in high school, in university and afterwards. I remember all the memories with a smile in my face. He was always positive, full of life, cheerful, and was a very good friend. I cannot believe that this is real! I wish that was a nightmare, I wish when I woke up in the morning, he is still with us.
        We will miss you very much and will always remember your smile.
        Nese, Turkey

        Mutlu - Turkey
        2 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        Guzel yuzlu cocuk...
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        Seni cok ozleyecegim Ozhan... yillar boyu biriktirdigimiz anilarla gittin... ben nefesim yettigince tasiyacagim anilarimizi. sen hep guldun ve guldurdun, ama bu sefer guldurmedi, Ozhan. Kalbim aciyor, dude... seni her zaman cok sevecegim...

        I will miss you,Ozhan... you left with our memories of years, i will carry them with me until my last breathe. All your life, you give joy and laugther to the ones around you, but this time... my heart hurts, dude... you will be always loved...

        Bengisu - Delft
        1 maart 2015

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      • 2015
        We will miss Özhan
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        I am deeply touched by the tragic loss of Özhan. Words cannot describe the grief and sadness we all feel. My thoughts and heart are with the family, friends and all colleagues of Özhan. We will miss him very much.

        Patrick Groothuis

        Patrick - Hilvarenbeek
        1 maart 2015

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