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Pieter Punter

      our keen, non-conformist, life-loving Pieter passed away

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      • Message of condolences
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        My heartfelt condolences to Pieter's family. He will be greatly missed in the global sensory community.

        Samuel Stephen

        Samuel Stephen - Australia
        27 maart 2017

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      • Mirjam Welbers
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        Mirjam Welbers - Nijmegen
        27 maart 2017
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      • Nancy Holthuysen
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        Nancy Holthuysen - Rhenen
        26 maart 2017
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      • Memories from a life well-lived
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        I have been trying to remember my first encounter with Pieter. It was definitely at a sensory meeting, possibly at an SCI meeting in London in the late 1980's. At that time we were software competitors. PSA versus CSA. But we very soon realized that we were kindred spirits. Pieter always gave to others with generosity and a huge heart. He never had mild opinions and was happy to express himself enthusiastically. A fine meal and a glass of wine was shared along with laughter and argument. Pieter always had the ability to actively engage with people and become a contributor to any event, scientific, academic or social. The Sensometrics community has suffered a great loss with his passing. Personally, I'm profoundly saddened by not being able to look forward to my next opportunity to engage in lively discussion with Pieter. He taught me that Dutch directness can be effective at getting to the heart of any problem. Pieter was always willing to put himself in challenging situations. The last photo I have included is off Pieter performing "Blind" wine tasting to resolve a bet with Pascal Schlich at the Pangborn in Dijon in 2001.
        Pieter you will be greatly missed by friends and colleagues.

        Chris Findlay - Guelph, Canada
        25 maart 2017

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      • Sterkte...
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        Aimee en team OP&P, alle sterkte gewenst met dit grote verlies! Ik denk met veel plezier en dankbaarheid terug aan mijn leerzame stageperiode, de bevlogenheid van Pieter is me altijd bijgebleven. Evenals de manier waarop hij op zijn sokken door kantoor liep...

        Maartje Van Son - Elst UT
        25 maart 2017

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        My sincere condolences to Pieter and his close family and friends. He will definitely be missed by me and all of our sensory community; we lost a good one. You selected a perfect picture to honor him - Pieter with a nice glass of wine and in good spirits! That is how I will always remember Pieter from seeing him at so many global conferences over the years. Gone but certainly not forgotten.
        My heartfelt sympathies.
        Becky Bleibaum

        REBECCA BLEIBAUM - Santa Rosa
        24 maart 2017

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        Wat een treurig nieuws...ik heb als Sensorisch onderzoeker bij Essensor Pieter als conculega en zeer ervaren onderzoeker leren kennen. Heel veel sterkte familie, vrienden en collega's.
        Frieda Klomp

        Frieda Klomp - Wolfheze
        24 maart 2017

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      • Bye Bye Pieter
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        There’s no word that can express how sorry I am to hear about the death of Pieter. There are many in the sensory community who will mourn deeply his passing as his was a life of excellence. May he rest in peace.

        24 maart 2017

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      • A sad loss
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        I am so sorry to hear this news of Pieter. Such a friendly, welcoming and charming man, always willing to share his wide sensory knowledge and experience when I met him at ISO sensory standards meetings. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

        Philip Creed - Hinton St George, Somerset, UK
        24 maart 2017

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      • Alexa Williams
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        Alexa Williams - US
        24 maart 2017
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