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Alastair George

      ALASTAIR'S GONE : The sound ended...

      We are truely sorry to have to tell you that our best friend, our finest allie and eternal brother Alastair has gone...

      In the note he left, he said that noone must feel guilty. He was truely sorry to leave us in this way but Alastair was sooo tired. Tired of having to fight every single minute of the day, a fight that became harder by the day. In his life he grasped every single spec of light that he could see. Always just to go on for another day. He has tried everything to fight it. But the invisible enemy just became bigger and bigger.

      " I just can't carry the weight of pain (...) that keeps getting heavier every day " (...) "Anyone who really knows me knows I never wanted this. I always fought to find another solution. Another way out. "

      We've tried to contact all persons that we know of that were important to him, personally. We were not able to contact everyone and are sorry they will have to learn from his death through these messages. Through the pain we all feel, there is- for me at least -the very strong feeling that he actually is at peace now....

      As for now, we are working on how to give him a proper send-off. We will post the date of his funeral as soon as we know !

      Listen to him:

      UPDATE 03-06-2016: In this folder we will upload pictures, documents and music by and about Alastair:

      His final words to us are available upon request to read. We don't want them shared through social media.

      Everyone who has any questions whatsoever, feel invited to contact me or Paul.
      Renk: 06-24805848 //

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      • goodbye beautiful friend
        reactie 21   |   niet OK
        Omg Alastair you just made me cry!
        I am shocked and can't believe the messages I've just read. You were my beautiful friend at school and I still carry all these fond memories of the time we spent together, which was lots!
        We kept in touch even though we didn't get to meet up yet. Stupid me, I thought we would still have time. If only I had known....
        I am so sorry to hear about your struggles but in a sense it somehow makes things better knowing you found your peace now, because I am sure you have.
        It leaves me very sad though, because I have lost a friend even though he might be happier now. A friend I have so many great memories with, a friend who I followed from a distance these days, although we always managed to speak to one another once in a while.
        A friend I wasn't ready to miss yet...
        Alastair I really hope things are better for you now. My tears will dry and our memories will make me smile again I am sure!
        I will always love you my friend x
        My condolences to your family and friends.

        Sabine - -
        2 juni 2016

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      • no degrees of separation
        reactie 20   |   niet OK
        It’s the first time it’s happened to me
        Before, I just used to shut myself in
        Keeping my distance from life and its stuff
        Because I’d never felt it so deep down
        And then I felt an emotion flare up quickly
        And push its way into my heart without turning down its voice
        And I feel no tension, only life inside me

        No degree of separation
        No kind of hesitation
        There’s no division keeping us apart
        We are going the same direction in this universe on the move

        There’s no degree of separation

        I had less time for my heart and more for my mind
        Always one step behind and my soul on high alert
        and I watched the world from a door
        never completely open, from a distance
        and no, there’s no hesitation now inside me

        There is no degree of separation
        There is no degree of hesitation
        There is no degree of space between us
        live in love
        We are stars aligned together
        dancing through the sky, we are shining

        No degree of separation
        in this universe on the move

        And then I felt an emotion flare up quickly
        And push its way into my heart without turning down its voice

        Nevin - Den Bosch
        2 juni 2016

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      • Video
        reactie 19   |   niet OK

        Nevin - Den Bosch
        2 juni 2016

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      • Nevin Bakay
        Er is een reactie aan de nabestaanden achtergelaten door:
        Nevin - Den Bosch
        2 juni 2016
        reactie 18
      • Nevin Bakay
        Er is een reactie aan de nabestaanden achtergelaten door:
        Nevin - Den Bosch
        2 juni 2016
        reactie 17
      • Video
        reactie 16   |   niet OK

        Scene van een korte film van Paultergeist.
        Het is een scene in een film die helaas niet afgeraakt is. Het gaat over een meisje die de stem van 'God' denkt te horen.

        Alastair doet een poging om een praatje met haar aan te knopen

        Ook namens Paul zijn oprechte deelneming.

        Klaas - 's-Hertogenbosch
        2 juni 2016

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      • Video
        reactie 15   |   niet OK

        I know this video isn't completely focused on you, Alastair, but it really is the only video I have of us doing together what we loved the most. So I thought this might be a nice tribute either way.

        I hope you have now been able to reach the rest and peace you were craving so much while alive. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk and meet up as much as we used to, lately, but that didn't mean I didn't have you in my heart.

        RIP my friend

        John - 's-Hertogenbosch
        2 juni 2016

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      • Quote
        reactie 14   |   niet OK
        Het spijt me erg dat jij het zo moeilijk hebt gehad lieve Alastair.
        Ik zal je altijd in mijn hart dragen, naast Nilay.❤❤

        nevin - 's-Hertogenbosch
        1 juni 2016

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
        reactie 13   |   niet OK
        Ik leerde je kennen als de jongen die er nét niet meer was; het was uit tussen jou en mijn, toen nieuwe, vriendinnetje Nilay. Haar traantjes om jou waren de aanleiding voor ons eerste contact. Gelukkig kwam het goed. En ik herinner me hoe ik jullie soms samen aan de telefoon had.
        Toen Lisa kwam, was het weer net uit tussen jullie. En ook toen heb ik Nilay's tranen gedroogd.
        En toen was het echt voorbij. En waren het ineens jouw pijn en die van mij die onze band bestendigden. Later zagen we elkaar alleen bij toeval. Wat moet je delen, wat miet he bespreken als je gezamenlijke basis verdriet is? Maar het was ook fijn. Met alle respect voor elkaar, elkaars verlies even kort erkennen.
        Lieve Alastair, van ons drietjes zijn mijn tranen de laatste. En dat mag zo blijven. Ik neem jullie mee.
        Dag meneer.

        Jente - Den Bosch
        1 juni 2016

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      • Tot ooit.
        reactie 12   |   niet OK
        Godverdomme jongen..
        Je laat wat achter!
        Geen "tot de volgende keer" meer.
        Rust zacht.

        Gaby - Vught
        1 juni 2016

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