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Alastair George

      ALASTAIR'S GONE : The sound ended...

      We are truely sorry to have to tell you that our best friend, our finest allie and eternal brother Alastair has gone...

      In the note he left, he said that noone must feel guilty. He was truely sorry to leave us in this way but Alastair was sooo tired. Tired of having to fight every single minute of the day, a fight that became harder by the day. In his life he grasped every single spec of light that he could see. Always just to go on for another day. He has tried everything to fight it. But the invisible enemy just became bigger and bigger.

      " I just can't carry the weight of pain (...) that keeps getting heavier every day " (...) "Anyone who really knows me knows I never wanted this. I always fought to find another solution. Another way out. "

      We've tried to contact all persons that we know of that were important to him, personally. We were not able to contact everyone and are sorry they will have to learn from his death through these messages. Through the pain we all feel, there is- for me at least -the very strong feeling that he actually is at peace now....

      As for now, we are working on how to give him a proper send-off. We will post the date of his funeral as soon as we know !

      Listen to him:

      UPDATE 03-06-2016: In this folder we will upload pictures, documents and music by and about Alastair:

      His final words to us are available upon request to read. We don't want them shared through social media.

      Everyone who has any questions whatsoever, feel invited to contact me or Paul.
      Renk: 06-24805848 //

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