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Ron Verheijen

      We are shocked and saddened to share the news of the unexpected passing away of our colleague Ron Verheijen.
      Ron was devoted to our Company, making huge contributions to our success during his tenure. He was a dedicated, respected, and a much loved member of the SeaChange team. Ron’s contributions to the EMEA sales team were unparalleled and his efforts with customers and at trade shows, such as IBC, were instrumental to our success.
      For his colleagues in Eindhoven and throughout EMEA, Ron was a loyal, caring and pleasant colleague. We will all miss his friendship and expertise.
      We won’t forget sharing our working lives with Ron.
      Personally, I will miss Ron very much. He and his family will be in my prayers.
      Ed Terino, CEO SeaChange International

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      • You will be missed!
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        Ron was genuine, very clever & committed. It was an honor and great pleasure to work with him. Just a few pictures of his trips to Paris where he was always keen to try new food...although "andouillette" was far too "disgusting" I said!
        My thoughts are with Samira & his children, RIP Ron.

        Nadia - London
        14 March 2019

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      • Johan de Bruijn
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        Johan - Lage Zwaluwe
        3 March 2019
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      • Mark Snyman
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        Mark - South Africa
        28 February 2019
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      • Never ending energy
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        When I heard the news, I couldn't believe it...
        In those moments the best is to remember the good moments and remember what made Ron a great person: he was always energetic and always found a workaround to any challenge, and he was genuine all the time. I feel really fortunate that I met him via our respective work and I am happy that we were able to be colleagues with great synergy, even being at 12,000 Km distance.
        I will miss him a lot, not only as a colleague but also as a friend.

        xavier - Singapore
        26 February 2019

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      • Alek Gueorguiev
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        Alek - Mougins-France
        25 February 2019
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      • And the soul is reborn again...
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        Words miss me for the first time in my life. Will miss Ron a lot. Its not just the passing of a superb colleague but also a close friend. GIven a chance would have wanted to keep working with him through the next 2 decades.....

        Saurabh - Hamburg
        25 February 2019

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      • You will be missed
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        I’ve worked with Ron over 2 years and we have been closely working together on a few projects. I really grew fond of his very discrete personality only matched by a very good sense of humor and second to none professionalism. Always available, always deeply involved, forgiving and mild tempered Ron was a keystone in that SeaChange sales team and he will be dearly missed as much more than a mere colleague. All my thoughts go to his family.
        Philippe T.

        Philippe - Maisons Laffitte, France
        24 February 2019

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      • Gecondoleerd & veel sterkte
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        Wat een verschrikkelijk nieuws bereikte mij eergisteren. Ik kan het niet bevatten..
        Mijn oprechte deelneming en heel, veel sterkte voor de familie!!

        Vincent - Zeist
        23 February 2019

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      • Unfair, impossible, uncomprehensible ...
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        The words that came to mind when the news about Ron reached us Monday morning. The words still apply and will last forever.
        You were the best on technical level and no challenge was too big for you. But overall you were a great human being, the friendly nature, loved by customers and by colleagues. I loved your sense of humor, quotes like "working at SeaChange is Carnaval enough for me" really put a smile on everyone's face.
        Last week we were talking about Azerbaijan, "Land of Fire" and Yanar Dag, where the earth and rocks are on fire forever.

        I wish your fire would still be with us, but let us light candles in your memory forever.


        Maurice - Geldrop
        23 February 2019

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      • Ron, I wish I could have shared my luck with you.
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        Ron, the feeling of not being entirely well persisted during the past couple of weeks. My dear wife insisted last weekend that I’d go see my doctor, which I did Monday morning. The doctor sent me to the hospital to get my blood analyzed. The hospital team saw reasons to keep me there for further observation. By the time my situation became critical is was already in Intensive Care; it was a tough fight.
        We won. I was very, very lucky.
        Oh Ron, how I wish I could have shared some of my luck with you. I would have happily struggled and suffered longer if that would have permitted keeping you with us.
        I am very grateful for the pieces of road that we have been allowed to walk together. Farewell Ron.
        Marcel Groos, Heeze

        Marcel - Heeze
        23 February 2019

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