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Ron Verheijen

      We are shocked and saddened to share the news of the unexpected passing away of our colleague Ron Verheijen.
      Ron was devoted to our Company, making huge contributions to our success during his tenure. He was a dedicated, respected, and a much loved member of the SeaChange team. Ron’s contributions to the EMEA sales team were unparalleled and his efforts with customers and at trade shows, such as IBC, were instrumental to our success.
      For his colleagues in Eindhoven and throughout EMEA, Ron was a loyal, caring and pleasant colleague. We will all miss his friendship and expertise.
      We won’t forget sharing our working lives with Ron.
      Personally, I will miss Ron very much. He and his family will be in my prayers.
      Ed Terino, CEO SeaChange International

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      • Rest in Peace, Ron.
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        Veni, Vidi, Vixi (Victor Hugo)

        I have lived long enough, since in my grief
        I walk, nor any arm to help is found;
        Since I scarce laugh at the dear children round,
        Since flowers, henceforth, can give me no relief.

        Since in the Spring, when God makes Nature crave,
        I see with joyless soul that love so bright;
        Since reached the hour when man avoids the light,
        And knows the bitterness that all things have.

        Since from my soul all hope has passed away;
        Since, in this month of fragrance and the rose,
        My child! I wish to share thy dark repose;
        Since, dead my heart, too long in life I stay.

        From earth's set task I never sought to fly:
        Ploughed is my furrow, and my harvest o'er.
        Cheerful I lived, and gentle more and more--
        Erect, yet prone to bow towards mystery.

        I've done my best: with work and watching worn,
        I've seen that many mocked my grieving state;
        And I have wondered at there causeless hate,
        Having much sorrow and much labour borne.

        In this world's goal, where all escape is vain,
        Unmurmuring, bleeding, prostrate 'neath the shock.
        Silent, exhausted, jeered by felon mock,
        I've dragged my link of the eternal chain.

        Now my tired eyes are but half open kept,
        To turn when I am called is all I can,
        Wearied and stupefied, and like a man
        Who rises e'er the morn, and ne'er has slept.

        Idle through grief, I neither deign nor care
        Notice to take of envy's noisome spite.
        O Lord! now open me the gates of night,
        That I may get me gone, and disappear
        It was always a pleasure to talk to you: accurate, interested and interesting.
        Strength to Ron's family and Seachange's team through this awful moment.

        Yoann - France
        23 februari 2019

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      • Gecondoleerd
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        Sterkte en veel steun met het grote verlies. Samenwerken met Ron was altijd prettig door wie hij was en wat hij wist en kon.

        Ralph - Rijen
        23 februari 2019

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      • Shigeo Kishiro
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        Shigeo - Fremont
        23 februari 2019
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      • Met oprechte deelneming
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        Ron, je was een fijne en altijd vriendelijke collega. Veel te vroeg.. Rust zacht.

        Tim - Son en Breugel
        22 februari 2019

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      • Oprechte deelnemingen
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        Mijn oprechte deelnemingen. Heel veel sterkte aan de familie, vrienden en collega’s.

        Bert - Maldegem
        22 februari 2019

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      • Farewell
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        What a shock to all of us.
        Once Ron came to France for a business meeting with me and we had some much fun. I will try to keep that great memory from 2016.
        All my thoughts are for Ron's family and friends.

        I still can’t realize what happenend...
        Ivonne from Paris

        Ivonnr - Paris
        22 februari 2019

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      • My deepest condolences
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        Sometimes life just isn't fair. Ron you were taken away far too early. My thoughts go out to your family.
        Rest In Peace

        Ian - Germany
        22 februari 2019

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      • So Saddened
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        I had the pleasure of working with Ron within the same team for a few years. What a gentleman Ron was, a kind and true professional, always willing to help colleagues. I'm so deeply saddened by the news of Ron's passing, it's not fair how this happens to such a good person. Strength to Ron's family and friends through this difficult period. Truly, Truly missed.
        Rest in peace Ron

        Billy - Reading - UK
        22 februari 2019

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        Still cannot believe. With great sadness I received the news.
        Farewell Ron!

        Bran - Cologne
        22 februari 2019

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      • So hard to believe
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        I still can't get it into my head that this happened. A life cut off decades too early. To Samira and the children, there are people dotted all over the world who are thinking about you and thinking about Ron.

        Tot ziens, Ron.

        Mark - New York
        22 februari 2019

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