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Ton Schouten

      Dans, alsof er niemand is die kijkt.

      Heb lief, alsof je nog nooit bent gekwetst.

      Zing, alsof niemand je kan horen.

      Werk, alsof je het geld niet nodig hebt.

      Leef, alsof de hemel op aarde is.


      Dance, like nobody is watching.

      Love, like you have never been hurt.

      Sing, like there is nobody listening.

      Work, like you don’t need the money.

      Live, like it is heaven on earth.


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      • Au-revoir Ton
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        Il restera de toi ce que tu as donné.
        Au lieu de le garder dans des coffres rouillés.
        Il restera de toi, de ton jardin secret,
        Une fleur oubliée qui ne s’est pas fanée.
        Ce que tu as donné, en d’autres fleurira.
        Celui qui perd sa vie, un jour la trouvera.
        Il restera de toi ce que tu as offert
        Entre les bras ouverts un matin au soleil.
        Il restera de toi ce que tu as perdu
        Que tu as attendu plus loin que les réveils,
        Ce que tu as souffert, en d’autres revivra.
        Celui qui perd sa vie, un jour la trouvera.
        Il restera de toi une larme tombée,
        Un sourire germé sur les yeux de ton coeur.
        Il restera de toi ce que tu as semé
        Que tu as partagé aux mendiants du bonheur.
        Ce que tu as semé, en d’autres germera.
        Celui qui perd sa vie, un jour la trouvera.
        Par Simone Veil

        Dear Ton,
        I see you smiling, I see you riding your bike next to me on our way to work, I see you telling me how much you love the Cévennes (sometimes in your best French) and I see you telling me how much you enjoy playing the "father Christmas" at school every year. You have spent so much time sharing smiles, kindness and happiness around you, that yes, I believe that "ce que tu as donné, en d'autres fleurira".
        Bon vent l'ami,

        Mélanie - Aussillon
        30 mei 2016

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      • La caresse de la Terre
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        quand je vois les photos du beau TON allongé dans la Nature, je me dis que TON avait la sensibilité du Vieil Indien d'Amérique et le même respect de la Terre Mère :
        " être assis ou allongé sur le sol permet au Vieil Indien de penser plus profondément et de sentir plus intensément " (Paroles de OURS DEBOUT, Chef Sioux)
        Félicitations TON, tu as su profiter de ces moments là ! A nous de suivre ton exemple !

        Odile - Paris
        30 mei 2016

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      • So many things to inspire me
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        We laughed so hard so often while working together. Work was meaningful, inspiring and fun with you and that is a part of why I loved so much working with you. We could alternate, as one should when travelling with colleagues, between serious and important topics, and the personal conversations and jokes. One recurring joke was the "Even Apeldoorn bellen" commercial with the "speedboot" and "Everyone Forever Everywhere... Whatever". We could laugh at ourselves while also being passionate about what we do and why. I was looking forward to having you as a neighbor in Rotterdam too. You also did that with your passion for our work and you helped us focus improving conditions where the water and sanitation services take place so that people will truly benefit. I will continue to be inspired by your life and all that you imparted to me and I'm very grateful to have been your colleague and for the guidance you gave me from the beginning at IRC. My thoughts go out to all that have been affected by this loss.
        The last video you showed me is really great and worth sharing here (definitely can get me crying) and available on YouTube: Human, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand who "spent three years collecting real-life stories from 2,000 women and men in 60 countries." We just sat there in silence and took time at the end of the workday to watch the first part of the video. I'm sure that you will continue to inspire and gift many us with your spirit.

        Nicolas - Rotterdam
        30 mei 2016

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      • Somewhere between the art and the science of change.......
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        In 2002, Ton and Patrick Moriarty asked me to help with the editing of what became their book ‘Community water, community management’ published by ITDG. We walked through London while Ton talked about the ‘red thread’ (‘rode draad’) that ran through community experiences he wanted to capture. I had no idea what the phrase meant but I could see the thread leading us on the pavement as he talked. Ton was a man full of enthusiasm and depths, a complex man and a simple one, somewhere between an artist and a scientist. Ton wanted to make films and to write stories, and also to find evidence and solutions that work and to put that evidence to work. He enabled the people who make a difference in countries like Ghana and Uganda to tell their stories and to have them heard and seen. IRC allowed both sides of his nature to flourish, and in a life that ended too soon and too suddenly he achieved, not fame, but success. He was a leader and a teacher. I have learnt from him and I will think of him often.

        Peter - Oxford
        30 mei 2016

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        Beste Ton,
        Het was een schok om te horen dat je hier niet meer bent.
        Een aantal weken geleden waren we nog in Abidjan voor de kick off van het '9 landen plan'. Een programma waar we al meer dan een jaar met IRC, UNICEF en Akvo mee bezig zijn en een innovatief programma voor de Water en Sanitatie sector in West Afrika.
        Dit programma is voor een groot deel gebaseerd op jouw ideeën en kennis, en dit zal door het hele programma en daarna meegedragen worden en een effect hebben op de water en sanitatie sector in de 9 landen in West Afrika waar we nu aan de slag gaan.
        Rust zacht!
        Liefs, Josje
        Josje Spierings, Akvo

        Josje - Amsterdam
        30 mei 2016

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      • Such a sad day...
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        Ton - I remember you as a caring colleague and I am very grateful for the time we spent together pouring over documents or shared a beer after work.
        Your sudden departure left me in shock. It just shows how fragile life is.... You lived a rich life and shared this richness with those around you. I was privileged to be around you to share some parts of this life with you.
        My deepest condolence to your family, friends and colleagues who will all miss you.
        Rest in peace, my friend.

        Minnie - IJmuiden
        30 mei 2016

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      • André Acker
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        André - Puberg France
        30 mei 2016
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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        Dag lieve Ton, vriend. Ik mis je

        Rutger - Amersfoort
        30 mei 2016

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      • You will be missed
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        You have left us suddenly- we are all in shock. You were a loving and caring person who embodied the french "art de vivre": You loved everything life had to offer. I'll remember you as someone always open to meeting new people- regardless of where they came from; sharing meaningful discussions, smiles and many laughs.
        You will be dearly missed and stay in everyone's hearts.

        Julia - Julia
        30 mei 2016

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      • La maison des Cévennes bleues
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        Un immense vide vient de prendre place dans la maison des Cévennes bleues

        Astrid Philippe - Cévennes
        29 mei 2016

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