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John Warman

      John passed away peacefully in the early morning of the 7th of October. John will be cremated on Monday 12th of October in the presence of his direct family. He will find his final place of rest close to the university in Delft, where he devoted his life to science, friends and family. Until circumstances change, this website serves as a place to come together and remember his life and recent heroic fight by sharing thoughts, memories, images and music.

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      •  Denkova
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        - Delft
        12 oktober 2020
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      • John farewell, a great man at work and play
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        Met and worked along John at my time at IRI, Delft in the 80s meeting up again last year. What a joy meeting old friends. As always John lit up the conversation and reminded me of what an incredible man he was. Awe inspiring, filling the air with enthusiasm and drive to succeed. Many many people will have fond memories of John, mine of a game of darts and a beer after a long day...priceless. Our sadness always tempered by the love and joy of knowing John, a great man. An honour to know you. Simon.

        Simon - Ludborough, England
        12 oktober 2020

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      • Persoonlijke reactie...
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        John has been my best friend and buddy for over 40 years. We enjoyed many many things together such as
        the Delft Jazzdagen when he made programmes of the best performances to see, het Westlands bloemencorso etc. We also had many traditions f.i. watching the final of Strictly Come Dancing for 20 years combined with a Christmas dinner and of course our many holidays on Terschelling.
        We often enjoyed an "occasional" drink together!
        John was a smart cookie, a great familyman and friend.
        He was an important person in my life. I will dearly miss him.
        Peter - Rijswijk

        Peter - Rijswijk
        12 oktober 2020

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      • Bye John !
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        I had the chance to closely interact with John in the framework of the European project DISCEL back in 2000. Every network meeting was like a family gathering and I enjoyed systematically a great time with John and the inseparable Thijs ! John was a wonderful man, always very kind with young scientists. I wish the new generation of young people to meet people like him !
        All my sympathy to the family..
        Kind regards
        Jérôme Cornil

        Jérôme - University of Mons
        12 oktober 2020

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      • Goodbye dear John!
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        Dear Marilyn, Andrea and Peter,
        We will be thinking of you while John makes his last trip today.
        His ever smiling eyes we will remember always!
        Lots of love and hugs,
        Renata, Carel and Helina

        Carel - Amsterdam
        12 oktober 2020

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      • sterkte
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        Beste familie en vrienden,
        Gecondoleerd met het verlies. Een groot gemis voor jullie.
        Veel sterkte,

        Wond Expertise Centrum RDGG
        Barbara, Sabine, Saskia en Heleen

        Heleen - Delft
        12 oktober 2020

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      • Veel sterkte!
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        Lieve Andrea en familie,

        Wat een mooie verhalen en wat een gemis. Ik wens jullie heel veel sterkte en ik hoop dat de afgelopen akelige maanden op den duur weer vervangen worden door de mooie herinneringen.

        Monique Nijenhuis

        Monique - Delft
        12 oktober 2020

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      • Presentation at John's 65th
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        Our mon and dad always threw good parties. They did so for his 80th and also when John turned 65. My sister and I presented this story at that event.

        Peter - Amsterdam
        11 oktober 2020

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      • John Bedankt
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        John, bedankt voor onze fijne ontmoetingen, zowel wetenschappelijk als persoonlijk.
        Altijd was je enthousiast en positief bij het oplossen van de meetproblemen.
        Altijd een grapje, maar serieus voor de wetenschap.
        Wijntje , Pintje, lekker eten en een peukje bietsen.
        Je blijft in onze gedachten als een goed mens.

        Rust in vrede.

        John (H.J. van Ramesdonk) en Thea, Abcoude

        H.J. - Abcoude
        11 oktober 2020

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      • Your Pub in Switzerland
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        Dear John, nobody will forget the pub you built together with your brother Alan within our department in Switzerland. Cheers, Paul Smith

        Paul - Switzerland
        11 oktober 2020

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